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Genesis [BLU] Tender


Successful Woman CEO

She is a daughter of a German count palatine. Her father owns a family business, a winery, and a financial investor. However, she manages her own fashion business. She designs a fashion accessory by her own and runs a business inter­nationally. She is an elegant lady, but she is also a fighter. She is a well-educated lady, but she also learned how to survive in a tough business environment. Her father taught her a fencing for fighting back against enemies. She wants a tender which can sail an ocean freely and maxi­mizes her identity by a unique design. 

Design story


She is a high society person, but she achieves success by her own business. She has educated a stately manner as a lady, but she learned how to fight as a gladiator. She is elegance, but she has a strong mind. Her personality is soft, yet strong. Now, she is a great business owner in a fashion industry, and she is also a great fencer as a gold medalist. A fencing is well represented her personality, and it can be an excell­ent inspiration for her tender. 

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